Chiropractic by Hand, Balham, London

I recently spent the afternoon with a partner of ours, Chiropractic by Hand. I watched Polly working with a tiny newborn who was suffering with sever digestion/colic problems. It was the child’s third visit and it was fascinating to watch how the subtle adjustments being made were having such an impactful affect.  The same child who she saw had not slept properly for days, and after his session he was able to have a long uninterrupted sleep. As someone who works with families who might arrive with children suffering similar pains it was so useful just to observe the positions that a parent could put their child in to instantly have them at ease. I hope to do more observations at the centre as they are a wealth of information for dealing with babies with colic. Polly and her team are based at Balham Movers and Shapers, South London CBHonwhite copy 2

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