“My uncle was an artist and photographer back in Trinidad in the 1960s. His vintage black and white reportage was unique for its time, but classic and timeless today.”

Aneesa FRPS (Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society)

Moving from the corporate arena to the nonprofit sector was a natural step for Aneesa, whose appetite for perfection lends itself well to studio work, where she designs, edits and puts the finishing touches on a diverse array of honest portraits.

Nothing makes an artist happier than seeing a piece of work finished and physically displayed, and it’s the trust and satisfaction of her clients that drove Aneesa to dedicate the second half of her professional life to photography with social and brand impact.

An artist, conflict mediator, and school governor, she spent 13 years working with children and teenagers suffering from a variety of complex mental health challenges. Highly experienced when it comes to managing people from all walks of life, she brings a refreshing burst of creative energy to every shoot, turning even the most self-conscious participant into a camera-ready work of art.