On the 26th May 2021 I was awarded a fellowship for a project entitled ‘The fighting spirit of South London’. It was a piece on community, courage and unity. This was such an honour and was something I worked so very hard for. I will post the Fellowship journey in due course as there was so much to it, and really breaks down the graft that goes into a qualification like this. There are not many Fellows at the Institute and some people take a lifetime to achieve them, so it really is special.

Sometimes just the acknowledgement of your acclaimed peers means so much to us photographers. As mentioned in my last post, I have only recently started entering competitions and to have any work noticed internationally literally lifts the soul. I got an email the same night in May, when I was awarded my Fellowship, that I had also been shortlisted to the final 160 out of 4,400 photographers for the RPS International Awards. I don’t really mind if it doesn’t go any further as this was special enough, and I am so proud to have got this far.

This is something worth sharing, as I tend not to enter many competitions, but I did enter 3 images to this one and one of them was selected for a merit. Something worth mentioning not because I won, but more because other established photographers recognise the effort and love I put into my images with the lighting and connection with my subjects. Thats more what I care about, and it also means someone I have photographed gets an acknowledgement too 🙂

Unique Backdrops is simply the best backdrop company I know. They are based in Serbia but the quality and services is worth the shipping to get here. I have been eyeing them for years and finally bought myself one about a year or so ago. It took a little bit of time to get used to as is it quite heavy so I needed to figure out exactly where to best place it and I wanted it to stand out as a piece of art on its own. They are each individually hand pained and as the client I get to choose exactly the colour I want. I’d always wanted to be featured on the creators website as he has what I consider to be some of the best photographers from all around the world on his page. So when I saw some of my photographs feed through his page I was truly over the moon 🙂

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Community Photography with award winning British Music Artist, Loyle Carner with Sonny Cwynarski on the set of “Nature Needs Heroes” in South London, Thornton Heath. Turning a concrete jungle into a beautiful space for its local residents and community. BRITS School Students making changes.

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This was such an uplifting day as Loyle is someone who is all about the community. Having lived and grown up in Thornton Heath he understands what its like for the community we live amongst and the fact that there are parts that are run down and need a feeling of care.

He came back to his home to do a project on the environment and talk to local residents about what would help improve the area and then act on it. Timberland clothing supported this project and the end result was amazing. I am usually sat behind the camera but was really fun to be asked to be part of this project during the shooting. He really is such a nice and genuine person. Looking forward to seeing all the things that he does in the future.