Photoshop v’s Lightroom

“can you just take that out in photoshop when your editing?”

This is a question and statement that most photographers will hear over and over again. Whilst photoshop can be like magic if you are well trained in it, I think what many of us in this profession fail to do is inform people just how time consuming and difficult it can be on some images. Whilst it is the most incredible tool, it also means that we are needing to be graphic designers as well as photographers. Don’t get me wrong, most of the time an image would only need to be enhanced in an application like Adobe Lightroom, which is very powerful for things like making a regular sunset look more dramatic, bringing out colours, creating warmth, sharpness, clarity and tone to an image as well as the removal of basic blemishes. Lightroom is also a tool for batch photography and works well with camera raw images but we can’t batch process or batch watermark in Photoshop. So why then do we need Photoshop? what photographers may struggle to do in Lightroom can easily be done in Photoshop, in fact for some images what it can so is on another scale particularly when you need to apply layers or have something masked in or out. Photoshop is necessary more for things like creative baby art, magazine publications, or brochures where a client needs it to look a certain way, with a higher level of control .

The applications photographers use is down to preference, need and job spec, but for me the perfect combination is when you take the image into Lightroom and finish it in Photoshop.

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