Here is an example of what can also be achieved using the same techniques and lighting for the newborn shoots….. simply love this effect, it draws  you to the image for longer


Over the years Aneesa Photography has moved more towards the richer, deeper and more timeless colours for the traditional family portraits. This gives a beautiful aged feel to the images and makes it feel a little more timeless……


Team Habana

Recent photoshoot with South African Rugby Legend, Bryan Habana and the Change Foundation, working together to give young people leadership opportunities.



Bryan Habana Habana (32 of 80) copy


This next few months will be dedicated to a lot of new portraiture. A few trips to the National Portrait Gallery has helped influence what style and format these images will take form as. Thinking about the textures how the light will bounce into the eyes of the subject, particularly where there are limited light sources or no studio lighting available.

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