This next few months will be dedicated to a lot of new portraiture. A few trips to the National Portrait Gallery has helped influence what style and format these images will take form as. Thinking about the textures how the light will bounce into the eyes of the subject, particularly where there are limited light sources or no studio lighting available.

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Working with newborn twins at just a week old was truly something quite magical. It was amazing to see how they were together as siblings and see the roles that they had taken on from when they were inside the womb.


web post web twins

Nice Surprise this morning to see a picture with me and other chosen business who were at Sehurst Park yesterday supporting the trippleccc Safeguarding Programme.  Hosted by Crystal Palace Football Club to help bring awareness and work opportunities to the young people in South London and Croydon.

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Was great to work together with the Native Gravity Team on the launch of their new website and press release for recruitment in Digital Marketing in London and the UK.

Meet the directors, Mark and Andrew.


Danny Sapani

Such an emotional photograph of Actor Danny Sapani and the newest edition to his family. Sometimes the most special shots are when you have the time to wait for when the camera isn’t in front of you.


untitled-29 copy

Had a really good experience working with the guys at High Light to get some shots of their products around the terminals of Heathrow. Such a great idea to find the location of the available parking spaces. I quite enjoyed wearing my high vis vest!!

High Light _023copy

This month the focus was mostly on new business. Lots of new years resolutions to sharpen up the look of companies and make sure that they are looking as good as their competitors. I have worked with some great people and teams this months and am looking forward to seeing all the new websites updated with the new images. As soon as they go live I will post the links for you to check out.

Web & business images for this month include a Chiropractors, a Du Terra Expert, Doula, a Sports Charity sponsored by the Berkeley Foundation and High Light at Heathrow Airport.